Social Media has a vast outreach for a variety of businesses including that of the pharmaceutical industry. A study conducted in recent times revealed that there are about 20,000 companies in the pharmaceutical space. Close to 2 million people work in the Pharmaceutical Industry. Hence, getting B2B Pharma leads might be a hassle for you, but LinkedIn can enhance your prospecting by many folds.

The following are a few tips to make the best use of LinkedIn for lead generation.

Let’s start with the basics.

LinkedIn has an estimated user base of 300 million, and there are about 2.1 million groups on this social platform.

Moreover, marketing research honchos, HubSpot recently said that LinkedIn has the highest conversion rate. Its conversion stands high and tall at 2.75%.

Here are some ways to bring the best B2B Pharma leads out of your LinkedIn marketing efforts. Using these strategies, you can also establish connections with other pharmaceutical companies and professionals.



When you have an incomplete LinkedIn profile, your audience may not take you seriously. Before starting to scoop out B2B Pharma leads on LinkedIn, you need to have a sturdy profile in the first place. This includes all the shareable company details. Make sure to fill in a relevant and precise summary on what your business stands for.

Let the audience know what you do and give them reasons for why they should connect with you.

A quick tip here is that- make your content unique. Keep words crisp and clean.



On LinkedIn, you are rewarded for displaying thought leadership in a particular area. If you want to be established as one, the best thing to do would be to post credible and varied content. Make articles, whitepapers, Infographics, videos that suit the B2B Pharma audience.

This method has the potential to increase people’s trust in your brand. Eventually, when a constant value is provided, people will flock to your online blog. This will naturally improve your credibility within the B2B Pharmaceutical space. Practice this tip to propel B2B Pharma leads generation process to new heights.



When you are on LinkedIn, you need to keep your newsfeed fresh and relevant. Research on what would be useful for the B2B Pharma leads. It doesn’t have to be your content always. You can share informative content produced by a credible source to your followers. When there is an induced value in your LinkedIn posts, there is more opportunity to acquire more B2B pharma leads.



One of the essential features of LinkedIn is its groups’ tab. Being a business in the pharmaceutical industry, you should look to join related groups. Be a part of the ones which conduct discussions on what is happening in the pharmaceutical industry.

Speaking of LinkedIn groups, there are several of them focused solely on B2B Pharma companies or professionals. One of the largest among them is the “Pharmaceutical and Health Marketing group” which has over 75,000 members.

When you are a marketer, this is a golden opportunity for you. You get to mix with people of the same industry and discuss and debate on various issues. This can bring out ideas for your next pharmaceutical offering. You can simultaneously increase your chances of getting more B2B pharma leads.

Once you get the “pass” to join the group, you should take time to interact with the people. You can like, share and comment on the various topics being discussed/posted. This may trigger an interest in your profile. Your regular participation can help build a rapport which might bring in more B2B pharma leads.

A pro tip you need to follow here would be to post content that brings value to others. Posting spam content or just spamming the group with links is never a good idea. This will earn you a bad reputation and might result in your ouster from the group.



When you are a marketer, you can use LinkedIn’s Advance people search to look for possible B2B pharma leads. When you use the right keywords, you can connect with the right people. You can then turn them into qualified B2B pharma leads for further conversions.

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Now that the setting for acquiring your B2B Pharma leads has happened. You need a practical LinkedIn marketing strategy in hand. Mark your end goals and be mindful of using the given options appropriately.

Develop your LinkedIn profile in such a way that builds trust and authenticity. People value authenticity, and it is crucial for generating quality B2B pharma leads.

However, this process won’t happen overnight but persistence can produce great results.



LinkedIn has a lot of built-in features that are essential when you are trying to generate B2B pharma leads. Manage contacts and do a host of other things to increase conversions.

Here some available resources on LinkedIn that are useful for any business:

Linkedin Plugin

Plugins generally are tools that can be incorporated into your website for efficient functioning and better user experience. LinkedIn plugin on your site helps in promoting your brand by giving an easy access to your official business account. This social media site is a renowned platform for professionals around the world. Getting found by your B2B pharma leads on LinkedIn is a bankable option.

LinkedIn Pulse

LinkedIn Pulse is where the most useful and viewed pieces of content in a particular field can be found. You can hopefully find what is trending for the pharmaceutical industry. Take some ideas and generate useful content for your target audience.

If you are a professional B2B pharma marketer, you can use LinkedIn Pulse to put out valuable content to the right audience. When you have an unbiased view of the entire industry, people start putting their faith in your opinions. Thus, it forms a strong base through which the necessary B2B pharma leads can be generated.


With Slideshare becoming a part of LinkedIn, you can create professional level presentations. Moreover, you can share it to your desired set of the audience too.

A Slideshare has existing SEO transcripts which are associated with them. Hence, you can tweak your slides before you upload them. This can be done to check the presence of the right content and keywords.

Embedding Slideshare on websites is easy. Moreover, this feature is used by most of the business organizations on their professional blogs.

The only drawback of using a Slideshare is that, we cannot add animations, and it doesn’t support different types of presentation.

With visual content being consumed like hotcakes be it in B2B or B2C market. It is no surprise that the use of right images on your SlideShare makes it better for your consumer to understand the gist of the content. When such content is delivered on a continuous basis it makes the audiences enquire about you. This is a great way to start acquiring B2B pharma leads.

LinkedIn Sales Navigator:

When you are doing anything with regards to lead generation, you must use the LinkedIn Sales Navigator Through the sales navigator, you can find and keep track of your leads, manage contacts and understand the client needs from a more in-depth perspective.

You can use the Sales Navigator in conjecture with the Lead Builder to ramp up your lead pipeline.

There is also a chrome tab for the sales navigator. Through this, you can gather large sets of data in a span of a few minutes, and it also gives you detailed information on your B2B pharma leads generated through LinkedIn on your Gmail.

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When you are on your LinkedIn, it gives you an option to check your profile visitors. They may consist of probable B2B Pharma leads or may be a competitor. Both the options are helpful for you as a business.

A LinkedIn Premium account lets you see the entire profile of the visitors. So, sign up for the premium account for better business.

Try and engage with the people who visit your profile and make ways to know what brought them to you. Such conversations might reveal hidden opportunities for business.

Final Thoughts

For taking LinkedIn Lead generation efforts to the next level, specific procedures need to be implemented. When done so, you can strategically generate B2B Pharma leads from this social site. Whether you choose the organic or the paid route, you need to stick to the chosen path.

Giving out valuable information establishes your position as a thought leader in that particular industry.

LinkedIn can be used as a strong base to build solid connections.