Traditional verses Modern Technology marketing strategies with Real life healthcare case studies

Traditional vs Modern Healthcare marketing strategies

Marketing strategy is where we play and how we win in market. Tactics are how we then deliver on the strategy and execute for success.

Good marketing makes the company look smart and great marketing makes the customer feel smart. For a business to make a mark on social media or print media, appropriate marketing strategies play a very significant role.

According to the basic marketing theory to maximize sales, a company must position its services or products in the marketplace in such a way that consumers believe they need a particular product for service or that a product or service they need has a particular benefit. This is also known as creating an image or brand.

For example: Medicine manufacturers position their medicine brands as efficient, effective and affordable providing some other benefit. Finding a difference between your product marketing styles and strategies and those of the competitors is often called finding your unique selling strategies.

Traditional marketing examples include advertisements on newspapers and magazines .Other examples include flyers that are put in mailboxes, commercials both on TV and radio and billboards.

On the other hand Emerging science based marketing examples include investing on building a website, brand name advertising through different social media such as Facebook, Instagram, Orkut, Twitter and YouTube.

Now let us analyze the strategies first starting from Traditional marketing. Traditional marketing strategies have the following advantages:

Technology marketing strategies

Personal touch: 80% of sales decisions are based upon emotions and marketing materials that reinforce those emotions and decisions are the best tools for personalization.

Ease of understandability: This strategy is easily understandable. The people who are not acclimatized to the emerging technologies can be easily targeted.

Materials can be used as reference: Since the hard copies are available. It is easy to refer whenever one feels like. They can be used to browse the content on websites.

Even the neuroscience community supports hardcopy marketing which is traditional. Also a study patronized by Canada Post compared the effects of paper marketing with digital media. They found that hard copy marketing especially through print media will create a huge and deeper impact.

The Dark Side Of Traditional Marketing

Not cost effective: Providing advertisements through radio and print media is costly. Printing materials can be expensive and one has to hire people to distribute the same.

Difficult to analyze the outcomes of sales: No scope of finding loop holes in the sales strategy. One cannot do much research on improving the loopholes because one doesn’t know where the problem really exist in sales i.e. whether at the source or at the destination.

There is absolutely no one to one interaction: It is more of providing information from one side to the public that the particular medicine brand exists. There is no scope for immediate reciprocation.

Traditional verses Modern Technology marketing

Now learning about the pros and cons of traditional marketing we shall look into the advantages of Emerging science and technology based strategies.

Cost-effective and time saving: The amount spent here is very less that is absolutely free, unless there is any paid advertisement. Time is also efficiently utilized.

Global marketing can make way here: Marketing promotions to specific audience, such as gender, location, age and interests is possible. Promotion is more effective and target oriented.

Level playing field: Business competition is possible here. One business can compete with another thus everyone has a fair and equal chance to succeed.

Empowering audience: Audience can choose the medium of how they want to receive the content. This facility is unavailable in traditional strategies. This will help in building rapport with the target audience.

Synergy with your audience is possible: Interaction with the clients is possible here. You can build up a long term relationship with the customer which is healthy for business progress.

Follow up is possible: By being in touch regularly with the help of digital media, the status of sales and reciprocation can be analyzed and followed up for improvement.

Immediate results availability: You can get the results in real time. Once you are in digital media the web views, likes, subscribers and share can be easily identified.

Profit making is hastened: This the most important reason why most businesses have adopted emerging science based technologies in their market strategies. Income generation is at the earliest. If the content is appreciated obviously the marketing strategies will be successful.

Let us understand the emerging science strategies by taking the real life example of the following cases:


Campaign: Selfie Facebook Contest

This contest was organized by Anne Arundel’s Medical Center. They asked participants to post their best selfie either with a real or fake mustache. The main reason was to raise awareness for men’s health during November (or, “Movember” or “No Shave November,” as it has popularly come to be known).

This awesome contest not just took the edge of social media, but it also drove traffic to the Anne Arundel’s medical center’s webpage for Men’s Health which is also popular for spreading awareness through their events, blog, podcasts, and other stuff.


Campaign: Sharing Mayo Clinic Blog

The Mayo Clinic pleaded patients to share their stories in the form of blogs to unite patients from the online global community. The blog shows the stories of patients, Mayo Clinic staff and family members.

These inspiring stories shared at one place i.e. their blogs played significant role in increasing the reputation of Mayo Clinic as a trusted healthcare resource. Thus, creating its own place amongst various other well-known clinics.


Campaign: Infographics

Infographics play very important role in targeting the customers. Infographics resonates with the customers who have absolutely no patience to go through the written content. This Campaign i.e. Infographics by Banner health created a significant impact in social media. They have infographics on health and wellness, parenting, eating well, mind and memory and navigating health. This has increased the traffic of Banner-e-Health website which has created a huge impact in social media subsequently adding as an excellent example of strategic digital marketing.

Without best strategy Content is just stuff.

From the article above we can conclude that both traditional and digital marketing strategies are not in exclusion with each other. There is some merging points between the two strategies. Therefore including both the strategies in marketing will have added advantage for best business growth.

Better managed data will make accessibility easier and help in better decision making. Availability of data potentially transforms it into usable information for marketing. Towards this mission, MedicoLeads is making a sizeable contribution by providing authentic databases. To know more about MedicoLeads please visit our website

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