Are you searching for a new B2B digital marketing strategy suitable for any specific industry? Well, there is a lot of information available online and offline about different B2B digital marketing strategies. Most of them will be similar to your existing strategy, and some of them will be new.

It’s definite that you will spend your valuable time to go through the new ones and apply them along with the existing ones. But have you ever thought about keeping track of your B2B digital marketing strategies? Well, let’s see how we can do that.

Developing and implementing a B2B marketing strategy is not a new thing. But how you are going to make sure about what is happening after executing it? Whatever strategy you apply for your B2B marketing, you should also make sure that they are doing good and providing potential customers for your business. So, how to do that? How to keep track of B2B digital marketing strategies to know exactly through which way your business is growing.

B2B Digital marketing strategies cannot go wrong regarding increasing sales and converting the viewers to potential customers. A good B2B marketing strategy can cover all these points.

B2b Digital Marketing Strategy – Influence

It is essential to have a B2B digital marketing strategy because of its influence and effectiveness. Laying down a well analyzed B2B digital marketing strategy is the best way to get instant feedback and create great impact within an affordable budget. Most of the B2B digital marketing strategies are simple to execute and easy to follow up also. Tracking them will provide you with real-time analysis of the bounce rate, reach, engagement, re-engagement, conversion and much more.

B2B Digital Marketing Strategy – Planning

Creating a perfect B2B digital marketing strategy should be done carefully. It needs aperfect planning that is aligned to your necessities and budget.

  • Develop a suitable strategy: You need to come up with an excellent B2B digital marketing strategy that suits your requirements through proper market research and analysis of your customer’s journey 
  • Make sure that your website is up-to-date: make your site user-friendly and keep the content format interactive enough for more engagement 
  • Make use of the SEO: adopt the habit of putting in some time for SEO each week 
  • Emphasize on Content and email marketing: content and email marketing have always been effective in bringing more engagement and conversions 
  • Don’t forget social media marketing: social media is a dynamic platform to bring in new leads and eventually convert them into loyal customers

Effective B2B Digital Marketing Strategy 

There are plenty of marketing strategies available out there. Let’s discuss some of them according to their simplicity, effectiveness and much more.

Even the common B2B digital marketing strategies like social media marketing, email marketing, content marketing, SEO and much more can create a sufficient impact on the overall sales and the conversion process also. 


Creating and executing an effective B2B digital marketing strategy is beneficial for the company. Solid planning will help you come up with effective ideas to strengthen your ability to carry forward those campaigns which take you to the right target audience and enables you to bring in the expected conversions. Having a framework of how you’re going to run your digital marketing is crucial.

How to keep track of your B2B digital marketing strategies?

So, how to keep track of your B2B digital marketing strategies? There are three major steps to monitor how your B2B digital marketing strategy is working. They are done by calculating the quality and quantity of reach, engagement, and conversion. If your marketing strategy can gain all these three goals, then, it shows the success of the particular marketing strategy. 


When you track the B2B digital marketing strategies, outreach would be the first thing to consider. The goal of framing a B2B digital marketing strategy is to get more leads, views and converting those leads to loyal customers of your brand. So, calculating reach can be the first step to track the success of your marketing plan. 

The B2B digital marketing statistics you can consider are:

  • Number of viewers of blogs and other contents that you have provided online
  • Traffic on your YouTube channel and the hike in the views
  • The number of followers or visitors on your Social media platforms
  • The open and the click-through rates of your pitched emails 


If you get enough potential visitors to your website, then comes the frequency and kind of engagement. When it comes to calculating the intensity of involvement, you should check everything including

  • The number of comments, shares, like, hashtags and feedbacks on social media
  • The YouTube ratings, and subscribers
  • Re-tweets and followers on Twitter
  • Click through and bounce rates on your website
  • The number of clicks on the links given on your Social Media page 


Conversion is an important end-goal of B2B digital marketing. And, when it comes to converting passive visitors to the potential customers of your product/service. It includes:

  • Checking the number of content downloads from your website in exchange for email addresses
  • The density of bounce rates (The percentage of people who just viewed the first page of your website content and left the site without converting as a potential customer.)
  • Checking the number of the online registrations done on your website at the time of the particular B2B digital marketing campaigns
  • Counting the sign-ups for webinars and other event options 


So, what is the ultimate conversion? Obviously sales. Sales are the end-goal of applying these B2B digital marketing strategies without any doubt. Check whether there is an increase in the sales at the particular period you implemented the marketing strategy. You can check the number of leads who became your customers, and you should also make sure that the number of times they bought your products and the re-engagement of the old customers on your website.

The end result of the digital marketing strategies, if appropriate, will let you reach out to better prospects, engage, and nurture them till they convert into leads who can/will be long term customers for your brand. 

To Conclude

Keeping track of your B2B digital marketing strategies is an essential activity to achieve the end-goals of your business. Ultimately, decisions that are taken will touch every section of B2B marketing and will give help your marketing team to generate qualified leads that’ll let your sales team to close better deals for your business.

Let me know what your views on B2B digital marketing are because learning never ends.