The Know-How of Healthcare Marketing to the Millennials

The Know-How of Healthcare Marketing to the Millennial

Healthcare marketing to millennials? But why millennials? Wait, who are the millennials?

A group of people that often gets the eye-rolls, the generation is known for being the most internet-savvy, the assembly of dreamers, and everyone born between 1981 and 1996 are known as millennials.

Known for their extroverted views of the world (read, all aspects), millennials have constantly challenged and changed the face of the planet. Their entrepreneurial skills have been redefining how things are done. Using the internet to their advantage has allowed them to make massive changes to the world.

Depending much on their age and the definition, it seems that millennial’s are the world’s largest living generation. In the US, according to a study showed that by 2019, millennials are going to be the “nation’s largest living adult generation.”
(Source: Pew Research)

The millennials also make 35% of the total workforce in the US. This generation with its zeal for the internet and a more connected attitude makes them a better audience than the predecessors in Gen X and baby boomers, or successors in Gen Z.

Though it may seem that millennials are quite reckless, the fact is that millennials focus on leading a healthy, meaningful life. These people are extensively investing in healthcare programs to ensure a long and prosperous life. Billions of money are spent in the health care sector by the millennials every year, which further validate the fact that these young people are serious about taking care of themselves. Thus, businesses in a similar sector should consider these potential prospects, and start channeling their marketing tactics in the right direction.

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But how does healthcare marketing resonate with the millennials? To understand this prospect, keep reading the article.

Millennials, Healthcare and Marketing: Odd yet Successful Combination

A study conducted by Nielsen revealed that combining the healthcare sector with marketing tactics has a profound effect on the millennials. The study found out:

  • Millennials do care about their well-being and aim to live a healthier life

  • Younger millennials like being connected to their physicians with opting for regular check-ups

  • 52% of the millennials will visit a doctor with a better online review

  • 40% of younger millennials choose for alternative medicines while 32% of the older ones opt for the same because they believe that alternative drugs are useful (the craze for alternatives is due to the efficient marketing strategy adopted by companies dealing with it. They use the correct social media channels to reach out to the customers)
Healthcare and Marketing
  • Many millennials are still uninsured in spite of the introduction of several health care reforms (due to lack of awareness)

  • Millennials are the ideal healthcare customers and believe in creating a widespread impact.

(Source: Smith and Jones)

Thus, it can be highlighted that millennials do want to invest in healthcare. And businesses in the medical sector can become more successful when they invest right.

Get on any social media channel, be it Facebook or YouTube and you can see a plethora of eye-catching content flooding the newsfeed.

Millennials crave entertainment, impressive ones to be precise. They resonate with these messages that come across the media. This is the reason that marketers during the last few years have taken up to digital marketing. The massive shift in the marketing landscape is a testimony to the changing tides of media consumption in the millennials.

Businesses in the healthcare sector should find this the most relevant. Healthcare marketing to millennials/gen y is different. Unlike the values of the predeceasing generations, millennials are the true native of social media. Yes, the older generations have started adopting the new technology, it is essential to notice that millennials’ spend a lot of their day-to-day lives on social media.

Marketers spending so much time understanding the social media platforms and Gen Y makes sense. It is significant to follow and further attract the millennials on various social media channels, also to understand their purchasing power and patterns.

  • However, to ensure that they are reaching to the majority of the Gen Y, marketers need to analyze where the crowd is. With social media platforms being introduced every year, evaluating the best place to engage with the millennials is pivotal.The shared concern for health and the need to improve their fitness has influenced Gen Y to look up to the medical sector. As for the healthcare industry, the introduction of new technology has paved the way for much more than one can imagine.

Using these fantastic developments on the social media to attract the millennials is a smart and calculated move. By creating a positive experience, the healthcare companies can attract their millennial customers through this healthcare marketing tip.

How to Appeal to the Gen Y With the Right Healthcare Marketing Techniques?

Healthcare marketing to the millennials is easy if you know what to aim for. The dynamics are very different from the traditional ways of marketing. To ensure that your healthcare sector company reaches out to the millennials, here are some of the marketing tactics that you can rely on.

Create Content that is Right

Millennials visit the doctor 1-2 times per year. For most of their time, they turn to the internet to self-diagnose their health problems. This is, in fact, an essential insight into their lifestyle and behavior pattern. And using it to the advantage should be the prime focus of the healthcare marketing experts

Posting timely and relevant content on websites (or even the social media) that answers health issues is the most trustworthy way to meet the medical needs of the millennials.

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By posting original and expert-checked information, you can establish an authority. However, make sure that the content is right to avoid providing false information.

Invest in Video Marketing

If your brand expertizes in making a medical product or offers similar services, you can invest in video marketing.

Why do you ask? Well, that is because it is one of the most engaging forms of content.

In the US, more than 89.3% millennials spent time watching online videos. So, if you want to market your product/service and enhance your reach, you should opt for video marketing. Since videos are more effective in putting forth the message without losing interest, the chances of it getting consumed are higher.

A video with a duration of 90 seconds takes less time but can be extremely informative. Since the attention span of a millennial lasts for only 8 seconds, a video can be more successful in delivering the intended message.

Healthcare marketing experts should start introducing more video strategies to make sure that they can reach out to the millennial customers

Depend on the Right Social Media Channels

The traditional marketing channels are no longer great options to reach out to the people out there, especially the millennials. Therefore, healthcare marketing needs to take the digital path. And retorting to the digital way to reach out to the target audience means understanding and picking the right platform.

With a 76% vote, Facebook is the most popular platform on social media, followed by Instagram at 43% and Snapchat at 33%.

For the healthcare marketing campaigns to be successful, it is pivotal to find your demographics on the social media channel, and use the right one while still at it

Engage with the Customers

In 2017, Philips started an online campaign that potentially changed healthcare marketing forever. Not only did it get immense engagement, but the campaign ensured that it produced valuable consequences. The #MakeLifeBetter campaign focused on making the world a better place by personally connecting with the customers. The campaign included causes such as caring for at-risk mothers and children, access to healthcare for under-developed communities, teaching a healthy lifestyle to children and giving them first aid education. In this age of connectivity, the company directly connected to its audience by appealing to the moral consciousness of the millennials.
Engage with the Customers

What Philips did was just visionary. Abbott and Johnson & Johnson have also launched such campaigns as a part of their healthcare marketing tactics, which has allowed them to reach out to millions of millennials. The engagement for the brands has also increased significantly.

Connect with the audience. Keep them engaged. Tell them more about your product/service and how it changes the world. Give them the opportunity to connect. Appeal to their conscience. Millennials like to opt for things that feel personal. Launch social awareness healthcare marketing campaigns on the right social platform. It can potentially boost your company to the next level of success

To Sum It Up

Healthcare marketing is the future of the massive landscape that the medical industry is. The B2B healthcare marketers are prepping up for the game. Healthcare system has a considerable impact on the lives of people, and with the already health-conscious millennials, it is the most significant. For companies, to invest in healthcare marketing that reaches to the Gen Y, applying the right methods and choosing the right social platform is essential. So ensure you understand the know-how of healthcare marketing and get to use the same for your campaign.

Do you agree with the healthcare marketing articles? Did we miss out on any point? What is your take on healthcare marketing? Your opinions are highly valued. So make sure you comment below!

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