Did you know? The film titled, “The Pursuit of Happiness” and marketing guru Seth Godin teach the essentials of email marketing which is one of the most regarded b2b healthcare marketing strategy.

What are you wondering about?

In b2b healthcare email marketing, your customers are expert healthcare professionals or companies. Meaning, you are dealing with high-profile customers.

In the movie, “The Pursuit of Happiness,” the stock-broking company advises their interns to deal with leads like a well-wishing friend initially and introduce them to financial services and plans later.

It teaches a lesson on dealing with a customer like a good friend.

In b2b healthcare marketing, you must stay updated with new products in healthcare industry. It enhances the customer’s trust upon you.

Seth Godin teaches an essential lesson in email marketing. In his book, “Permission Marketing”, [No Follow] he said that email marketing is like dating. You must first wait for permission and only then fulfill some promises.

He mentions that you need to promise newsletters, or prize when viewers sign-up. Then, it would help if you wait until your business builds up. Your business grows in value. You must remain responsive and transparent in your communications.

So, what do we learn from the examples above?

Read on to know the best ways to execute healthcare marketing for millennial 

Two lessons for b2b healthcare marketing;

  1. Start small and have perseverance, while you familiarize with your leads. Then, build your business around it.

Stay updated with new things in healthcare services (financial services). Note that you are not dealing with a regular customer.

B2b healthcare Email marketing- 5 best tips
Building your benchmarks


Customer Effort Score (CES): Customer effort score helps to measure customer experience based on customer service support of companies. Its purpose is to measure the ease of doing business. 

Net Value Score (NVS): Net Value Score measures the relative success of an organization compared to its competitors. Its purpose is to measure the value of a firm in the market. 

Net Promoter Score (NPS): Net Promoter score measures customer experience concerning their loyalty. It answers an unnerving question of whether or not the customer would recommend your brand to their friend, relatives or colleagues. It measures how the customer perceives overall experience with the b2b firm.  

Customer Satisfaction (CSAT): Customer Satisfaction measures customer’s level of satisfaction on specific transactions. It measures the quality of individual customer service interactions.  

Customer Lifetime Value (CLV): Customer Lifetime Value is the net profit attributed to a customer during the entire customer relationship. The sales team of a company   conducts the CLV survey.  

What to follow? CSAT, NPS, CES
Pull in with educational content
Future trends in b2b healthcare content marketing

Custom content: Custom content is creating value for the product and new opportunities for engaging the existing audience. It is a branded content to build affinity with  customers.

Healthcare content marketing will focus entirely on tailoring information for the user.

78 percent CMOs’ are sure that the future of content is custom content. – The drum

Wearable technology: The customer data from wearable technology would help to build custom content for your b2b healthcare email marketing campaigns shortly.

Annual sales of wearable healthcare devices in the global market will be $ 17.8 billion by 2021 against $105.3 million in 2015. –  Tractica LLC research 

Content curation: The future of b2b healthcare email marketing would be a curated content. Curated content is a well-conceptualized content and is customized for a specific target audience.

80% of b2b business decision makers prefer to obtain company information through a series of articles instead of advertisements. (B2B PR Sense Blog)

Owned ADs: B2B healthcare firms would focus a lot on email newsletters to redirect readers to specific landing pages by adding hyperlinks. This tactic can enhance the number of views of their website or blog which may lead to further conversions. B2B healthcare marketers consider these owned Ads as sustainable and paying in the long term than paid-per-click campaigns.

Aligning content with customer journey


Brand journalism: Build the right content using brand journalism. Brand journalism occurs when you build newsworthy stories that are an intersection of seasonal events, organizational goals, and current events.  

Audience Autonomy: Audience demands an interactive online experience in their decision-making journey. In that journey, the audience prefers to find out their desired product, without the help of a phone or a sales rep.  B2B marketing has given such tools as online calculators.  

You can let the customers register for a gated content and trigger deals through the email  programs sent out to nurture audiences. 

Long-term customer loyalty: B2b marketers in healthcare email marketing must never stop after customer acquisition is complete. The responsibility starts with  subscribing to newsletters. A healthcare marketer must offer more value through content within the email. 

Build a hyper-targeted content


Cheapskate: In the cheapskate strategy, you conduct hyper-local, geo-fencing campaign. You contact your audience through mobile advertising in a geo-targeted area.  

After-party: Try geo-targeting via mobile phones to invite people to your campaigns after other conferences.  

Pre-game: Call the companies who are your target audiences, using ABM with your sales team. Your call will be your brand promotion for the companies. Through them, you can catch up with the related companies. It will help you prepare content for those companies and conduct b2b marketing.  

Video campaign on Twitter: A video campaign on Twitter can connect with your customers socially. It would let the customers interested in the video to opt-in. 

Mobility in the customer journey


Constructing tracks: Apart from mapping customer journey, you must build the tracks. There are some special needs for specific client base. You must do precise tailoring, push in extra-services, and additional checks while constructing such tracks. 

Manage reworks and incidents: You must check your internal control and internal audit of the project to remove delays in the b2b customer journeys. 

Digitizing customer journeys: Companies use to track and trace interface to analyze customer journeys. Some companies bring social media technology to the community interfaces on the work floor to improve customer journey. Other companies create client applications for b2b marketing interactions. 

Develop transparency and work cells: B2b companies can improve transparency in customer journey through customer journey guides and journey dashboards. In the Journey Guide, they can explain the usual b2b process. Dashboards show the details of the present b2b interaction.  


Now, I have passed the baton to you. The ball is in your court. It’s time for you to implement the tips for your healthcare b2b email marketing campaigns and achieve great success in healthcare email marketing in the b2b industry.
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