The year 2020 brought many challenges to the world that it has ever witnessed in all walks of life continuing until 2021. Today, standing in the year 2022, we can definitely say that healthcare conferences are the lifelines for upgrading one’s knowledge.
In this era, a pandemic span for two years and we hear about a new variant or mutant of the virus with almost every other hit wave. Conferences, events, seminars have become a need of the hour. The updated knowledge of recent happenings in the medical world is mandatory to keep up the pace in pandemic-hit times.

Digital health space and the virtual world

The healthcare system has been always about growing more by collaborating, mutual exchange of ideas, and sharing knowledge. In today’s world, virtual presence has substituted a fair percentage of physical attendance. It has turned up a blessing in disguise for the knowledge seekers.
Despite having all intentions, many attendees could not attend such events in the past because of unavoidable circumstances, like lack of traveling time, last-moment emergencies, budget restrictions, etc. Healthcare World has benefited immensely from the conduct of such events in the virtual mode.
Virtual & Digital health space
We have compiled a schedule of all such major events in Feb-2022 all in one place so that you are always ahead in terms of the latest knowledge and upkeep. Let us explore them to know more.
Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit or DHIS West Coast, La Jolla, California on 2nd Feb 2022: If staying ahead in the world of Digital Health Revolution is a passion, driving your business, this event is a must-attend. Get involved in the world of top-notch speakers, best-in-class innovators, policy-makers, and many more.
Digital Healthcare Innovation Summit
Do not miss out on any breakthrough updates in digital health technology, the rise of fem-tech, women’s digital health monitoring beyond fertility and pregnancy. Catch up a day full of intellectual discussions beyond talking by the most seasoned executives.
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If X-Ray, CT-Scan, MRI, PET is your thing day-in and day-out, Bioimaging 2022 is your event. Gear up and attend this one of its kind of International Conference on Bioimaging from 9th-11th Feb 2022. Be a part of this highly sought-out event via online streaming without pondering over travel plans or tight meeting schedules.
Bio Imaging Summit
In today’s research-oriented medical world, techniques of bioimaging have become an inherent part of it. It is almost impossible to imagine a seamless detection of any anomalies or irregularities in the human body without the techniques like Ultrasound, Optical Imaging, fMRI, and so on.
Artificial Intelligence in the healthcare industry fascinates you? If the answer here is yes, then Ai4 2022 Healthcare Summit is waiting for you from 23rd -24th February 2022. A fully digital event with 3 different agendas for all 3 days.
Ai4 Healthcare Summit

23rd February

On 23rd February, there will be a general discussion on the trending topic of “Brain-Computer Interfaces”.

24th February

The day of 24th February starts with an “Executive Perspective- Where AI is delivering value and where it isn’t?”, followed by “AI for Diagnostics” and “Developments in AI for Drug Discovery”. There are many feathers in its cap for this most impactful AI event of the healthcare industry, with sessions on “AI for Anatomy Mapping for Radiation Oncology”, “Clinical Decision Support”, “Wearable Devices”, “Fraud, Waste, and Abuse”.

Last but not least, 24th February calls a day for itself with a session of “Precision Medicine”

25th February

On 25th February, unfolds a general session on “Personalization of Healthcare”, “AI-Driven Personalized Care”, “Using AI for Targeted Hormonal Therapy During IVF Treatment”, “Pharmacovigilance”, “Robotic Surgery”.
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Looking forward to witness the best combination of Medical Device Customer Success, Service, and Support? Welcome to Field Service Medical, which is excited to onboard all its attendees to the rejuvenating Rancho Bernardo Inn, San Diego, CA from 28th February to 1st March 2022.
Field Service Medical
A serene balance of knowledge flow, interactions, peer-to-peer discussions, and networking in the most soothing ambiance of Rancho Bernardo Inn. Make the most of this event with professional upliftment goals coupled with personal revitalizing and reconnecting.

Be a pro at handling the everyday concerns of the ever-changing industry regulations, medical device connectivity challenges, training requirements of service technicians, etc. Get all the recent updates about the developments, trends, and strategies of the MedTech Industry under one roof and have all your dream discussions with the finest medical device practitioners.

Day 1
The day of 28th February 2022 at Field Service Medical has been enriched with “Field Service Forward-Discussing the Key Here & Now Issues In Advancing Service For Clients While Growing Business”.
Day 2
Fasten your seatbelts for an adventurous journey of “Tech Tech Boom-Addressing the Necessity for Deploying New and Innovative Technologies in a Rapidly Changing Environment”.
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A start-up organization, a mid-sized manufacturer, or a fortune-500 company. Every industry player today needs structured networking to get on the radar of the best collaborators and exchange new ideas. The experiences gathered in these conferences, seminars, meet not only have the ice-breaking strategies within the industry but also establish industry-wide connections for the most fruitful results in terms of technological advancements, smart funding by investors. Save the dates and book your seats to meet 100+ medical device manufacturers, healthcare facility administrators, and many other specialists virtually or in person.

Stay ahead of the competition with the latest breakthroughs, updates, and advances in your respective fields. Take your knowledge base to the next level and be an expert in your business. Make the year 2022, a year of opportunities to be seized at the earliest!