5 Best Healthcare Database Providers in the USA


The healthcare industry has gained a renewed sense of importance since the recent pandemic. It was an unexpected crisis that had led to the high demand for medical supplies, healthcare specialists and other backline workers in general. Without the timely intervention of these professionals, finding a way out of the pandemic would have been unimaginable. 

The healthcare industry is looking for new ways to improve the quality of their service, for which they would need products and services from various healthcare segments. Marketers and businesses can make use of this rising demand by promoting their offerings to those in dire need of it.  

Identifying these requirements or connecting with these healthcare professionals would be time-consuming, not to mention a play of chance as marketers cannot be sure if their prospects would turn into paying customers. This is where a healthcare data provider comes into play. With the assistance of a healthcare database segmented into specialty, geographical location, etc., one can be sure to gain more prospective leads. 

Hence, the need for healthcare databases is also rising, and competition between healthcare providers is skyrocketing. The competitive edge prompts the database providers to deliver healthcare contact lists that are of sublime quality, fully vetted and verified contacts, etc., necessary to achieve the customer’s trust.  

The projected growth in the healthcare industry is a promising opportunity for healthcare marketers in the United States of America. So, without further ado, let’s dive deep into discussing the 5 Best Healthcare database providers in the United States of America, who have gained the goodwill of their customers by providing authentic and reliable databases. 

Healthcare Database Providers

Top Healthcare Database Providers

1. MedicoLeads

As a healthcare database provider, MedicoLeads aims to connect healthcare professionals and healthcare marketers, assisting these marketers to reach prospects that are suitable for their business. It bridges the gap between healthcare specialists from across the world and product and service providers who possess just the thing these professionals are in search of for their smooth operation 

⟶ Coverage and database

Customized databases connect marketers to medical professionals and key decision-makers of companies, institutes, and organizations in the healthcare industry from across 120+ countries in the world.  Healthcare marketers may choose the database of their choice from over 50 popular specialties and designations along with a few others. 

⟶ Unique Selling Points

  • Data is collated from various reliable and trusted sources, like medical directories, government and public records, etc., using patented artificial intelligence and machine learning tools.   
  • With an 85% email deliverability rate, MedicoLeads ensures that the list consists of responsive email records, guaranteeing a lesser chance of your emails landing in the spam folder.  
  • 95% accuracy is achieved through careful data verification every 45 days on data attributes including email, phone numbers, and postal addresses, which may change quickly.   
  • 100% replacement in case the records hit a hard bounce, and round-the-clock service over calls, emails, and chat.  
  • Healthcare marketers may obtain a customized sample database to test and confirm accuracy and reliability of the lists they provide.  

In all, major global brands trust MedicoLeads for their well curated collection of healthcare contacts. Employing data analytics and machine learning to verify the lists and enabling segmentation and customization options for focused marketing is one of their major advantages.  

2. Lake B2B

Lake B2B has a global presence in countries such as the United States of America, India, Singapore, Japan, and the UAE. The company offers marketing database services to multiple industry segments, including the healthcare industry. 

⟶ Coverage and database

Covering a wide range of demographic access to various industry specific contact databases gathered from multiple sources, the contacts are verified and calibrated for multichannel marketing campaigns.  

⟶ Unique Selling Points

  • A service that provides tools and insights for healthcare providers to supercharge their sales efforts and drive revenue growth.  
  • A service that strives to provide go-to-market insights that ensure maximum market penetration and customer engagement. 
  • Healthcare talent search tool that facilitates top talent acquisition by streamlining recruitment.  

Marketers may obtain databases to accelerate their marketing journey without the hassle of sourcing the contacts manually. Marketers can opt for databases for different purposes, such as sales, marketing, recruitment, and team building. Lake B2B is trusted by 4000 customers from various industry segments worldwide. 

3. Thomson Data

Thomson Data provides database services to clients from multiple industry segments and has an A+ rating from BBB. Data-driven marketing techniques and the latest technology are utilized to provide well-curated databases, including healthcare data lists, to marketers.  

⟶ Coverage and Database

With over 10K+ customers and trusted by 27% of the B2B marketers in the US, Thomson Data’s contribution towards individual prospecting needs. It also offers custom list building according to client needs across multiple industry segments. 

⟶ Unique Selling Points

  • Thompson data strictly adheres to the GDPR framework and verifies data records regularly to keep the database up to date. 
  • Account profiling – a service to provide data such as a 360° view of a prospect, financial information, organizational details, etc., and information about decision makers within the healthcare industry.  
  • With 75+ specialized segments, the database can be searched for multiple lists that are particularly dedicated to healthcare segments.  

4. DataCaptive

Trusted by over 5000+ businesses worldwide for their marketing assistance, DataCaptive provides technology-driven, quality-tested healthcare databases. They verify the contacts manually while also implementing artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to check for credibility.  

⟶ Coverage and Database

It offers a curated sample database for marketers to test the quality and reliability of healthcare contact data records listed within their verified lists. Datacaptive provides lists that are sourced from reliable sources.  

⟶ Unique Selling Points

  • Under their services you can find ready-made lists, that helps a marketer purchase a pre-segmented list of contacts that has limited number of contacts  
  • You can also make use of their service called ReachEngine, an all-in-one email marketing platform.  
  • Utilize their data enrichment solutions to keep data records verified and current 
The data provided is Compliant with multiple data protection frameworks such as GDPR, CCPA, CASL, ACMA, EDPS, and CAN-SPAM.  

5. InfoCleanse

InfoCleanse focuses more on database enhancement and enrichment to maintain moral standards in the database industry. The company values data accuracy and veracity, so it has maintained and enriched data for over a decade.  

⟶ Coverage and Database

With over 2000+ customers it has gained the trust of marketers on the lookout for healthcare databases and aims to increase client retention and offers other data cleansing services. 

⟶ Unique Selling Points

  • A service that assists in efficiently collecting, storing, and securing data 
  • Employs strict methodologies to verify data manually and through automated processes.  
  • Data appending assists in filling in the gaps in databases to maximize response rate and minimize bounce rate.  


These are not the only database providers in the US; there are extensive data providers that specialize in particular segments. This article narrows down the search to the 5 best healthcare database providers. Each data provider mentioned above has a unique way of providing database and contact list services. 

Since MedicoLeads primarily focuses on the healthcare industry, it provides B2B database services to providers looking to prospect to the right audience within the healthcare industry. MedicoLeads tops the chart in providing quality healthcare database services to its customers. 

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